What minimizes the harvest in the body of Christ?

The Clergy and Laity Dichotomy

Text: Ps 28vs5 “Because they have no idea how God works or what he is up to, God will smash them to smithereens and walk away from the ruins”

The Gospel of Jesus is the only hope for this dying world. The world has no other hope other than this gospel. The politicians cannot solve the world problems. I beg to disagree even with the so-called United Nations to having solution to solve the world problems. Even in the midst of increasing technological adventurous and wide spread of great and mighty discoveries, the major problem the world is facing is religions conflicts and terrorism.
What the world is battling with is a Spiritual problem and no political or economical solution will cure or calm this storm.
There are about Four conditions I will like to expatiate and these are the limiting factors that limit the harvest of souls in the entire body of Christ.
When we do not understand or have an idea of how God works or what God is up to, we cannot cooperate with God. When we do not have an idea of what God is up to per time, we cannot go where God is going and do what God is doing. we cannot be moved by what “moved” God. You cannot be calm even in the storm when God is calm and with you. You cannot envision global harvest when the Lord had already given you till the ends of the earth. There is no way, you cannot invest your life in the things that has eternal priority.
In the book of Isaiah 22vs12-13, the Lord God of Host called for weeping and morning, he called for boldness and girding with sackcloth. The Lord was calling for these four things in that day, but contrary to what the Lord was calling for, they were joyful, gald, slaying oxen and killing of sheep, eating meat and drinking wine. “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die”.
If the world knows what the Lord was calling for, he will not be doing otherwise. The world may not be using economic and political solution to solve Spiritual problems.
As I look at the church, state of the body of Christ and what is happening with the redeemed of the Lord today, I ask a question, are we truly doing the mind of God, aren’t we going the way of the seven churches of Ephesus. Many Christians will not be justified for the sins he is aware of.
Secondly, God is calling all of His people and the entire body of Christ to take the gospel to the whole world. God is not calling a fragment of the people, God is not calling only the missionaries and evangelists to take the Gospel to the whole world, but God is calling all His people to undertake this global mandate and task.
An unbiblical philosophy has crept into the body of Christ and in a way that has inhibit the plan of God for the Church. This philosophy has minimized the harvest force and maximized the selected few. The issue seriously separates the ministers and the other member. They say the ordained ministers and the others un-ordained ministers. May I humorously ask, where do we get that from the scripture? Please if we are going to see global harvest of souls indeed, lets shun separation in the body of Christ. If the gospel is going to go to the whole world, our orientation has to change and to admit that we all are His minister, even, everyone of us. There is one body and one spirit. There is no part-time member of the body. My legs are not working on part-time basics while hand is on full-time. All of the parts of my body are working on a full-time basic. If any part of our body goes on brake, there will be problem. Let’s stop dividing what God has not divided. Let’s make people know that we are one and all are minister, it’s just that our platform differs. The division in the body of Christ has brought less output majorly in the area of evangelism and kingdom service. Every believer has to understand that he or she is a full-time minister of the gospel, it is just that our platform differs. A part-time Christian will definitely be a full-time sinner.

Thirdly, the body of Christ cannot fulfil the great commission with our tithes and offering, but through sacrificial giving and total commitment to the work. The Muslims are no driving their agenda with their tithes and offerings. The church of Satan and gay movement are not even collecting tithes and offering yet, they are financially committed to their agenda. Even the Pharisees in the Bible gave a one tenth of their earnings and Jesus said, except your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the Pharisees and scribes you will be in no way enter into the kingdom of God. Anyone who wants to do a serious project will never rely on the one tenth of his income. My personal capital project is not driven by ten percent of my salary. If ten percent of my salary should endeavour to saddle my family capital project by itself, I am sure, I would have retired before the dedication of that project. The early church did not give one tenth of their money to God. Those who have land sold it and brought all to the feet of the apostle. If your total resources are not connected to God’s project and agenda, they are liabilities.

Lastly, the secret of multiplication and taking the gospel to the whole world is what I call a movement of genuine love and responsibility. Whenever Muslims want to start a mosque, it is planted by members who come together and use some blocks of stones to calve a small space of worship. After some period of time, they appoint an “Imam” by themselves. Therefore, their movement is a movement orchestrated by member and not Imam. Contrary to their style, if a church wants to be planted, it is a movement orchestrated by the Pastor. It is Pastor that will look for land and start building and now begin to gather members to come to church. This movement is not driven by genuine love but choice. If we are going to experience great revival and possess the whole world for Christ, all these must be put in place.

Until members and everyone takes responsibilities in advancing the kingdom of God, the Christianity as religion will be crawling. How come did we serve the devil so faithfully while we were in the world and now serve God so cold now. Let everyone of us regardless of our profession knows that we are full-time minister of the Lord Jesus Christ. Be that one man who takes responsibilities. Responsibility goes with power. Accept responsibility today.

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