Deut.7vs1” When the Lord your God shall bring you into the land where you go to possess it, and has cast out many nations before you, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than you”

Mountain symbolizes obstacles. It obstructs people’s movement and progress. It can slow one down in accomplishing a task. In fact, it takes more effort and energy to accomplish a simple task when an individual meet with mountain on his way. Although it can be dealt with but takes longer time to get to the desired destination than the normal allotted time for the plain route.

May be after you are through with this piece, you will take a new decision and determination to arise to the faith once delivered to you and come out of your shell to boldly tell the whole world the potency of our heavenly father.

The world and the Church are in need of a super Christian just like Elijah who will not be comfortable to see Baal standing as he is standing, unlike the seven thousand sons of prophets, but brings Bal to his kneel in surrendering to the living God.

There are Seven mountains confronting and combating with the body of Christ today and if the Church can tame and bring these mountains to submit and bow to the rulership of the Most High, definitely the world will be taken within a short period of time and Christ returns shall be swift.

 In the book of Deuteronomy chapter 7 and verse 1, the enemies of Joshua and the children of Israel were the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites. As missions is concerned, those nations represent the seven “mountains” that shape society: media, government, education, economy, religion, celebration of arts and entertainment and family. Through total dependence on God and believes that He cares about all areas of life, not only our souls, we shall strategically and wisely displace the evil principalities of these mountains.

In 1834, Halle Berry put up a 10-agenda for the society and said, if these agenda are fully approached and applied, the society will completely legislate God out of its operation. It is important to note that, the United Nation is using her philosophy until this time. The emergence of Civic education in our schools is traceable to agenda to legislate God out of our society. Civic education is a conglomerate of history, Social studies and CRK.

Permit me to enumerate the seven mountains accordingly to you:


The Mountain of Government

Many Christians have considered politics to be “of the devil” because Christians have abandoned this sector of society to the devil. The Girgashites, whose name means, “dwelling in clay soil,” represent the earthly desires and corruption ambitions common to this mountain. Lucifer, the prince of this mountain, will be displaced by those who ascend it in a spirit opposite to his pride, a spirit of humility and service. Take away pride and put on garment of humility and service, you will conquer and be well represented on this mountain. True apostle and not those who perpetrate evil in this office will be instrumental in showing the true intention of God to the world on the mountain of Government.


The Mountain of Economy

Money is essential in our day to day activities, but the god of money has deceived many to think that it is the true source of provision. Money is a means of exchange and settlement of debt. This deception prefers to enslave people in poverty, but where God blesses with abundance, it twists abundance into greed for more. Although the economy system of this world will one day collapse, which is very important for the church to start building kingdom basic economic principle that will replace man’s failing ones. God calls His people to come out of the agreement with the world system and follow Him dutifully and access His economic system that will not be rooted in greed and mammon. The church should also learn the act of the apostle where no one was better than the other in terms of money, material or property. Those who depend mostly on Him will “eat the wealth of nations”. Babylon will be shaken until it collapses, but those who trust in the Lord will suffer no lack.


The Mountain of Education

Elizabet Enlow writes about highly influential education institutions that began centuries ago as Christian colleges and universities are now saturated in liberal, humanistic philosophies. The Mountains of Education is dominated by schools like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, each of which has educated numerous world leaders. The Amorites on this mountain, who represents pride, boasting, and haughtiness, characterised the man-exalting ideals of humanism, liberalism, rationalism, and atheism. A prevailing flaw in educational system is the emphasis on a left-brain understanding of truth. The Elijah revolution will dethrone Beelzebub from this mountain, turn education back to a right- brain-dominant enterprise, and open the way for children to discern the presence of God and prophesy His mysteries.


The Mountain of Media

The word Hittite come from a word meaning “terror” and “fear”- the exact results of our modern news media, which focuses overwhelmingly on negative news and even decides which negatives stories get the most airtime and headlines. The world power like America and G7 has contributed negatively to this move. The principality Apollyon (meaning “destroyer”), who sits atop the Mountain of Media, twists news and enslaves people by magnifying their fears. Elijah Revolutionaries, who will function essentially as true evangelists, will report news accurately. Even when its bad news, they will be able to find the redemptive angle in every story. This, in a way will help all other mountain to achieve the desired result because of its wide spread coverage.


The Mountain of Family

There is a massive war against families of the world, particularly, Christian families. The Lord Himself makes family an honourable one even above every other institution. It is the family that makes up societies and societies in turn, make up the world. It is the spirit of God that will come and save families if we can submit and invite Him. We live in an area of unprecedented family breakdown. Families are clearly under the watch and attack of the devil. At the centre of this problem is a lack of fathers who are fully engaged in the life of their family. The principality of this mountain is Baal, the worship of whom often involved sexual rituals and child sacrifice. The true role of Pastors-in the marketplace, government, as well as in churches-will be instrumental in removing Baal from the Mountain of the family and replacing him with functioning families who reflect the relationships within the trinity and the family of God.


The Mountain of Religion

Idolatry strips people of their provision and protection- words that reflect the meaning of the Perizzites’ name-by placing them in submission to gods that can’t and won’t deliver on their empty promises. The spirit of religion atop the Mountain of Religion does everything it can to steal worship that rightfully belongs to God, whether through blatant worship with lying doctrines that seems true but are mixed with poison. Even mature Christian are entangled in this mountaintop worship experience or conversely exalting a doctrine over an intimate relationship with God. This can only be changed through the dynamic leading and power of the Holy Spirit. The church will expect the Spirit to work in unexpected ways and will be sensitive to His voice. Wildly, passionately in love with the Lord, they will refuse to practice a religion based on platitudes and principle, well-scheduled worship services, and neat and tide theology. They will instead have genuine relationships with God and supernatural experiences with His power that defy the expectations and traditions of status quo Christianity.


The Mountain of Celebration.

The Mountain of Celebration includes the arts, music, sports, fashion, entertainment, and every other way we celebrate and enjoy life. This mountain has so thoroughly been captured by Satan’s hordes that most believers aren’t sure God’s glory will ever be seen there. But God’s Spirit wants to move freely through creativity and passion of His people, showing His identity as Creator, worthy to receive all of man’s glory. This mountain represents Hivites, who counterfeit true celebration with corrupt substitutes, and from the effects of the spirit of Jezebel that seduces many away from the true pleasure and joy offered by God. This spirit prostitutes the good gifts of God, and the role of prophets will be to see through the deceptions of pop culture and offer the real and lasting alternative to our society, especially its youth who live and breathe on this mountain during their teen years. The Church will produce music, art, literature, and every other form of celebration the Lord’s way – by living full of His presence and out of the overflow of knowing Him, they will allow His creativity to flow through them

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