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When an Eagle is mentioned, what comes to our mind? Many of us imagine it has a big bird, which fly up high in the air, with its wings spread out, moving around gracefully with so little effort and hunting for its prey. The eagle is called the KING OF THE BIRDS has great strength, super vision and strong claws. The Eagle has sharp eyes which can see at long distances. Whenever the Eagle sees a meal, like a rabbit on the ground, it dive down very fast and grab the animal with its sharp claws. A story of a


What do we mean when we say that we Love someone? Do we actually love that person as a separate entity, a separate object? And if we do and it is truly Love, then it stands to reason that it would always be love that we feel around that person, not sometimes love but then resentment and hatred when they act in a way that doesn’t fit with our expectations. What is real can be said to be those things that do not change, which do not arise and pass away like clouds forming and disappearing. The underlying substance of


Do you have hope for your future? Or do you generally expect negative or disappointing things to happen? I was taught to be negative when I was growing up. I lived in an abusive atmosphere with negative people, alcoholism, fear, ranting and raving… As a result, I developed an attitude that it was better to expect nothing good than to expect it and be disappointed when it didn’t happen.   I often wondered, What’s going to go wrong next? It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized I was living with evil forebodings, which created a vague feeling


Let’s talk about sex. In the second chapter of Genesis, God created the institution of marriage in a paradise called Eden, which in the original language means “pleasure and delights.” He designed marriage to be an intimate union between a man and a woman—one fueled by sexual pleasure and delight. Sex is God’s creation. We need to remember that He wants us to enjoy it to the fullest within the parameters of marriage. We should also remember that all the scriptural prohibitions against sexual sin and perversions are not given by God out of legalism, but out of love. He’s


(SEEK AND SERVE JESUS CHRIST) In John 4,is the familiar story of the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the well. It looks at the dysfunction that occurs any time we fail to trust entirely in God. The woman was surprised when Jesus asked her for a drink. After all, he shouldn’t even have been speaking to her. As a woman in the Jewish culture, she ranked no higher than property. Worse, she was a Samaritan, a race despised by the Jews. She was also an adulterous who’d been married five times and was even now living in sin. Those

To Love and Be Happy

It is humorous how understanding arises sometimes. Ideas which seem foggy all of a sudden become crystal clear. This is what can occur with what is called awakening to one’s true nature as consciousness or pure being. This occurred within me about six months ago and it was profound although simple. Something else which I had read a few years ago suddenly became clear like that just recently.   I had read the autobiography of a man named Lester Levenson who had a deep and profound spiritual awakening. Besides my usual interest in this, Lester was a Jewish man born

Nigeria Youth And National Development

The development of any society is the interplay between man and his environment. This interplay that ensure self discovery plays a major role in energizing, conscientizing, motivating and mobilizing the people towards a common goal. There is no doubt, when nature created the world, he perfected it with major variable that will make the life of man simpler, easier and peaceful, towards moral, physical and celestial prosperity . However, the inability of man to curtail his ego and self love has been the major obstacle to attaining nature’s promise, thereby, heightening circle of confusion and hopelessness. It is important to

Illegal Drugs

Drugs cover a wide variety of connotations, but we will be looking mainly at illegal drugs such as Heroin, LSD and Ecstasy.   The Bible is very clear about the fact that Christians have been ‘bought at a price’ and that we have to ‘honour our body as it is the temple of the Holy Spirit’. Anything that helps to destroy your body or makes you in such as state so that you are unable to think or act properly is wrong. It has been proven that smoking, certain drugs and drinking excessively can kill you. God says, “You shall

Lead by Example

A Challenge to Today’s Christian Youth… Consider this……. Many people tend to think of today’s youth as the leaders of tomorrow. But Scripture never places us in such a category. It never instructs us to wait until we are more mature or knowledgeable or skilled before we begin to take God’s Word seriously and consider what plans and purposes the Lord has for our lives. According to God’s Word, we are to be leaders even today who earnestly desire to honor and serve our Lord in all our thoughts and actions. Paul told Timothy, a younger man in the faith,”Let


Why Christians oppose it! … and what to do if you have had an abortion! Abortion is not a game. And it is not a simple choice between deciding whether to have an abortion or not. Every abortion kills an innocent baby. What is an abortion? In simple language, if you are female and pregnant, and you deliberately terminate your pregnancy before your baby can survive independently, you have caused an abortion. If the baby dies accidentally — for example if the mother falls and the unborn baby dies accidentally — it is generally called a “miscarriage,” not an abortion.